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James Uptown Pressure Washing began after I finally realized. That our property is just an extension of ourselves. Almost, everyone has a dying love for what is theirs and would love to maintain it if they can.

Not long, in early 2015 my mother asked me to pressure wash her house. Mind you by this time. I had never operated a pressure washer, let alone knew how to run one. But, I tried and gave it a shot. I can firmly say I'm now glad I did. Thank you, mother!

You see, what my mother taught me was the value of ownership. And the value of one's land and property. I saw first hand. How important it was for her to have the house clean. No matter how clean the inside was.

I guess you can say I took note of my mother's reaction. And figured, what if I turn this into a business? I mean, she must be like anyone else who cares deeply about their property right. I'm sure others must be looking for this type of service.

And So, I began. First, drafting up a few name ideas. I settled on James Uptown Upkeeping. Which, would be-later changed to James Uptown Pressure Washing due to technical problems. We have made it our mission to serve Memphis and our great community.

Since day one, it's been a family business! By having my mother giving me that drive to carry on and achieve. I've been able to serve homeowners and property managers in Memphis and Shelby County as if they were my own family.

As of now, We have serviced over 300+ homes, and maintain the cleaning of over 20 gas stations per month. So, I'd like to say thank you for coming here and allowing us to treat you like family.

Thank you, James Austin.

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