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Gutter Cleaning MemphisJames Uptown Pressure Washing has been providing professional gutter cleaning services to homeowners and property managers in Memphis TN and Shelby County since 2016. Throughout this article, you’ll learn about why you should have your gutters cleaned and the benefits it can provide to your home and property.


What causes your gutters to build up?

The location of your home can have a great impact on how well your gutters stay flowing as it should. This reason being, how close your home is to trees and how often does it rain in that area. Due to natural occurrences leaves, twigs and all sorts of dirt and roof debris can become trapped in your gutters preventing the flow of rainwater. Which will eventually lead to major damages to your home and possibly your health? Read along as we’ll discuss the damages caused by clogged gutters and how we can prevent it.

The damaged caused by clogged gutters

Due to the water sitting in your gutter are not flowing as it should. Allowing water, the opportunity to seep into your roof causing rot and major water damage. More so, this blockage of water in your gutters will eventually overflow out of the gutters onto your home’s foundation. And if allowed time, this will result in collapse due to the water causing cracks in your foundation. So not only, do we have to worry about our home. You should consider your health which we’ll discuss next.

Gutter cleaning improves your health

The number one overlooked concern in gutter cleaning is not only should you want to keep your home in top condition, but you should want to keep your health in top condition. Mold and mildew should be the number one reason you should not allow your gutters to become clogged. Due to the trapped moisture in the gutter, this allows for the perfect breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Eventually finding its way into your home and the environment around you.

How gutter cleaning services benefit you

By having your gutters cleaned, you’re not only allowing the flow of water, but also controlling the flow of water around your home. Protecting yourself from dirt, roofing debris, and eliminating the growth of mold and mildew around your home. You’d also be saving your roof from rotting and breaking down due to the water sitting in a clogged gutter for a prolonged amount of time. More importantly, by allowing the flow of water to roam free enables the water to drain properly, preventing any deterioration to your home’s foundation.

On the day of your gutter cleaning service

On the day of your gutter cleaning service, our crew will call within 5 minutes of arrival and knock on your door to notify you that the service will begin. Soon after, our crew will walk around your property to see if anything like lawn and patio/deck furniture needs to be moved to allow for easy flow of the ladder. More importantly, it is important not to open many doors for our crew might be on the ladder during that time.

Once upon completion, our crew will notify you the service is done and will walk around the property with you. 


About James Uptown Pressure Washing

You can learn more about James Uptown Pressure Washing and the service we provide by calling us at 9013597672 or email us at Thank you for taking the time to learn about James Uptown Pressure Washing and the services we provide. Please do explore furthermore on our site to see how we can help you.

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