House Washing Memphis

House washing is the process in which you clean exterior siding or walls of your home. Overtime your home becomes infected with dirt, mold, and mildew diminishing your home’s appearance and value.

Dirt and salt are inevitable for a home to escape. Dirt and salt can accumulate on your home for several reasons. One main reason being the weather. Every time it rains, sleet, hail or snow. These particles attach and build up on your home eventually nourishing other bacteria such as mold and mildew.

That is why every so often. You can notice brown, black or green build up on homes wild siding, doorways and gutters. During the hot summer days, these bacteria can grow and eventually cause health concerns for you, family, pets, children and loved ones.

In addition to becoming an eye sore for you and your neighbors. It is very important to take charge in your home. People who do decide to go the DIY (Do it yourself) route, even for the smallest of home improvement projects, can quickly become quite overwhelming ultimately requiring professional help.

With this in mind, here at James uptown pressure washing. We highly recommend that you hire professional help with your home improvement projects. Using industry grade equipment and the latest soft washing techniques. We can assure you that your home will be brought back life. For more information please give us a call 9013597672 or email us at