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Every project is a little different based on the time and materials involved. 

Generally, a simple roof cleaning can cost between $275 – $599 depending on the square footage of your home and many stories you may have.

Your roof is exposed to several natural and man-made elements, such as mold, algae, pollution and smoke everyday. These elements can have a dire effect on the appearance of your home, but also can affect the health of your family and loved ones. Roof cleaning is an excellent way to safely remove these contaminants from the surface of your roof and protect the ones you care about.

At James Uptown Pressure Washing, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service every step and every time. Our long list of residential and commercial clients can verify that we’re the #1 rated roof cleaning company in Memphis, TN.

Yes, it can. We utilize a high pressure and motorized equipment to tackle the underlying growth of mold and algae under the brick.

In the wrong hands, yes. The typical algaecide concentration is too low to pose a risk but if your project requires a more aggressive approach we will cover any vegetation that may be affected. 

Roof cleaning services are recommended once a year to keep built up dirt and grime from burrowing into your property. James Uptown Pressure Washing provides quality roof cleaning services. We use the highest quality home-safe chemicals and a clean house washing that will last. All Work is Guaranteed and you can feel safe knowing a trusted and fully insured team is at your home making your house shine once again!

You can but there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

One is that “home owner” type machines from big box stores are too underpowered to produce results in a timely manner. It’s not so much the amount of pressure they produce but the low flow rate that slows things down.

It’s the gallons per minute that allow you to get a good amount of work done in a short amount of time. To counter this folks will resort to a more aggressive spray nozzle which ends up covering even less area and can cause damage. We come across homes weekly that have permanent etch marks from this type of use.

Another reason is that many handymen, painters, landscapers, and window washers who offer power washing are using this very same type of equipment.

They can damage to your home of simply get in over their head forcing them to cut corners or abandon the project because they didn’t change enough to cover the time it takes to do correctly.

Roof Cleaning Services

Home Roof Cleaning

Double your curb appeal today with a residential roof cleaning from James Uptown Pressure Washing. We offer a variety of home roof cleaning services to meet your needs. from roof to exterior, patios, driveway, and even fences. If you have fragile surfaces, we have a delicate yet effective process of cleaning it.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

James Uptown Pressure Washing’s commercial clients include an array of restaurants, office buildings, shopping areas, and apartment complexes. We also clean public spaces like the YMCA Whitehaven and SpeedWay Service Stations. If you’re looking for commercial pressure washing services in Memphis give us a call today.

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