Roof Cleaning Memphis

Roof Cleaning in Memphis TN

When you start to notice all the algae and mold building up on your roof. It’s best to say it ’s time for a roof cleaning Memphis service. Especially here in Memphis Tn, where the humidity is almost the perfect breeding grounds for this type of development. You can rest assured that after a few minutes you’ll have complete knowledge and understanding about roof cleaning, how often you should have it done, and rather or not you should hire a professional.

We use a unique method for cleaning roofs at James Uptown Pressure Washing. Our process begins by creating a biodegradable and eco-friendly solution that’ll kill off and eliminate any contaminants on your roofs like mold, algae, and mildew. Secondly, we’ll do a brief walk around to determine what areas we’ll use the ladder. And finally, we’ll use our soft wash system to completely clean your roof and rinse off any debris.

Roof Cleaning Memphis

James Uptown Pressure Washing proudly serves Memphis Tn and Shelby County Tn including Germantown Tn, Collierville Tn, Cordova Tn, Bartlett Tn, Lakeland Tn, Whitehaven, and Hickory Hill. We also extend out to cities in Mississippi and Arkansas including Olive Branch Ms, Southaven Ms, Hornlake Ms, West Memphis Ar, and Marion Ar.

As stated, before you’ll leave here knowing the ins and out of roof cleaning and how to go about it. For the next few minutes trying to soak up as much knowledge and information, we can extend to you. By the end of it all, we’re confident you’ll be eager to have your roof cleaned.

Why you should think about having your roof cleaned in Memphis

Nature plays a huge role in this fight. A dawning foe she is. Due to the high levels of humidity in Memphis and the mid-south, you a homeowner should expect to have your roof clean. Rain and humidity allow for and algae and moss to develop on your roof, causing massive damage if left unchecked.

Here at James Uptown Pressure Washing, we say, “First comes the algae then comes the mold”. This could not be further from the truth and should not be taken lightly. Not only does algae cause your roof shingles to remain damp, but it also promotes rapid mold and mildew growth. Which will cause massive damage affecting the health of your roof as it will begin to rot and deteriorate.

Mold and mildew not only affect the health of your roof. It can also spread to other areas of your house causing further damage to the place you call home. One thing about mold and mildew is they’re known to affect the quality of air surrounding your environment. Causing illness and disease in young children and older adults.

With knowing all this, I highly suggest you take a look around the house and try to see if you notice any algae or moss growing. Chances are if it already has a greenish tint to it, mold and/or mildew could be at the beginning stages of development. Especially after a rainy, humid day. Look around and see if you notice anything. Always take extra precautions while doing so. The best thing you can do for your home is to act early by having your roof cleaned on a regular schedule, no more than twice a year. 

One note

Now you may be thinking that you should grab that old ladder you got back out there in the shed and take care of the problem yourself. Well, I’m glad to tell you to stop! You should consider what I have to say in the next section we’ll discuss the dangers of cleaning the roof yourself. Unless you’re a trained professional, I highly recommend you put off doing it yourself and hiring a professional.

The dangers of cleaning your roof should you do it yourself

Let’s be clear ladders are not safe. You need to take extreme precautions when using ladders. Your life is not worth the risk that comes with using them. Do not use a ladder that is too short to do the job you’ll most likely fall back braking bones or losing your life in the process.

If your ladder is long enough to pass over the gutter on your home. You should secure it with a bungee cord and use twist it around the ladder and a gutter spike. That keeps the ladder from moving to allow you a safe maneuver in it. Eventually getting us to our next section, rooftop safety.

Rooftop safety is one of those things that people tend to forget about when it’s time to clean their roof. First off you need to make sure that you’re comfortable being on the roof. As it can be very slippery, and it only takes one mistake for something to go wrong. That’s why recommend you connecting a hook system atop of the roof’s highest point. Thus, allowing you to attach a rope to yourself making sure you’re safe and secured.

Now once you’ve got all that setup, it’s time to start pressure washing the roof. As you figured out, you’re going to have to buy a pressure washer, hose system, and many other accessories that come with it. This is where I say is it worth the effort. For what it’s worth you can say you cleaned the roof yourself, but is it worth it? The amount of time and money spent far exceeds what you could have done just by hiring a professional to complete it properly for you. Having to go out and buy a pressure washer, hook system, ladders just for reaching the roof is ridiculous. You’re going to spend a lot more money doing that alone. Save yourself the effort and hire a professional.

The benefits of having your roof cleaned

First off, cleaning your roof has major benefits for you, your family, and your home. Just by eliminating algae and moss, you’re preventing the growth of mold and mildew. And if your roof already has mold and mildew growing on it, by cleaning the roof you’re eliminating the threats that come with it. Remember mold and mildew does more than just damage your roof it can spread to the rest of your home. Not only that, mold and mildew can lead to serious illness and disease in young children and older adults. That alone is more than enough to consider getting your roof cleaned.

Secondly, there are more benefits than just removing any threats to your home and family. You receive a nice boost of confidence once you have your roof clean. By increasing your curb appeal in the neighborhood you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors. You best be sure they’re all going to follow your lead and have theirs done soon after.

Lastly, didn’t I mention this before by cleaning your roof you’re creating a healthier environment for your children. You watch them play outside without the worry of mold and mildew affect the quality of air that surrounds them.

Also, keeping your roofing cleaned makes them last longer. Roofing materials tend to break down faster when not kept up with. This is due to the algae and other contaminants on the roof. Once, you start having your roof regularly cleaned this will be the least of your worries.

On the day of your roof cleaning service

On the day of your roof cleaning service in Memphis, our crew will call within 5 minutes of arrival and knock on your door to notify you that the service will begin. Soon after, our crew will walk around your property to see if anything like lawn and patio/deck furniture needs to be moved to allow for easy flow of the ladder. More importantly, it is important not to open many doors for our crew might be on the ladder during that time.

Once upon completion, our crew will notify you the service is done and will walk around the property with you. 

About James Uptown Pressure Washing

You can learn more about James Uptown Pressure Washing and the service we provide by calling us at 9013597672 or email us at Thank you for taking the time to learn about James Uptown Pressure Washing and the services we provide. Please do explore furthermore on our site to see how we can help you.

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